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Anthurium nigrolaminum sp napo narrow


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The above plant that u will purchase is currently under the process of acclamatising, during this time while the plant goes through our acclimatization process, you can request additional photos , I will try even sharing it on my stories as usual @peacefulplnts.

Only once your plant is fully acclimatized showing new growth which i will keep u updated with,  it will b ready to b sent to their new homes

This process  could take another 2-3 weeks. I know we are impatient like a child after a new purchase but without compromising on the  plants health it will b held a lil longer so u are not disappointed . I will  never release plants until they are 100% healthy and happy to go to their new homes

Any leaves yellowing will b removed and latest pics before sending will b updated to the buyer incase in an unforeseen event that the plant dosent make it I am more than happy to offer you refund or a replacement if u like any from our collection.

Incase if change or mind or cance


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